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Here at Snomads, we’re passionate about offering great mountain holidays whilst minimising our impact on

the local environment. This season we’re proud to be working closely with Carbon Footprint in an aim to end the season Carbon neutral.

Not only will we be covering all our operations but also the return flight of all those who join us this winter. 

To find out more about the projects we’re supporting click here and if you’re interested in learning more about our

end of season planting project just give us a shout

With much of the surrounding area protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, we operate with the aim of

protecting it and ensuring it is still around in years to come.

Unlike many in the wider ski community we care about the impact we’re having so here are a few ways we’re tackling it.....

organic food

 We always aim to buy fair-trade produce and deal mostly with local producers and farmers from the town,

local villages and surrounding area.

Our seasonal menu favours produce that is fresh and straight from the local market.

Meats, fish and much of the dairy on the menu have been locally and responsibly sourced enabling us

to ensure quality and minimal transport.

None of the products we use contain uncertified palm oil (a major cause of deforestation). 

eco footprint

Here at Snomads we don't like non-recyclable waste and we make the extra effort to keep it to a minimum, when shopping we choose products with little or no packaging and recycle everything that can be recycled.


This season one-use plastics and plastic bottles will be made into eco-bricks and we will be running mountain clean up operations in and around Bansko.


Where we can, we use natural, environmentally-friendly and paraben-free cleaning products which cause less harm to the environment compared to other products on the market.


We encourage guests not to needlessly waste energy, We ask that you unplug any idle electrical appliances and to turn off lights and radiators whilst you're out on the mountain.


Efficient chalet heating and bio hot water systems help maintain the perfect in-house temperature with minimal burning of natural resources.


Our booking process is paperless. This reduces our carbon footprint as well as unnecessary physical waste.


In todays age, we have to emphasise how precious water is; it is something that shouldn't be wasted. We politely ask for your cooperation by taking shorter showers during your stay with us.


Our company vehicles have been converted to run on lead free LPG fuel which is a cleaner alternative to conventional diesel and petrol engines. We plan our trips in advance to try and eliminate unnecessary driving.