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The growing family...

So we’re gearing up for another winter and as usual are becoming busier and busier in the run up to what we all hope will be another excellent season of skiing and adventuring in the unknowns of the Balkans. Whilst skiing and discovering new untold treats is something we can’t wait to do, it’s also something we can’t wait to share so this season we added another couple of big names to the family. Firstly we would like to welcome The Balkan Vagabonds, a web adventure portal and action sports trip provider working with locals that love the outdoors providing them with a platform to share their great enthusiasm for the sports and their great depth of local knowledge. Their aim along with ours is to help those seeking a new adventure find it whilst supporting local communities along the way. We obviously can’t wait to share the passion with these lovely people and send out an open invitation to any who wish to join us.

Moving forward it would be super rude not to mention the newest sibling, the youth charity Snow Camp. Originally set up in 2003 this small charity has supported over 5000 young inner-city people using snow sport-based programmes along with life skills to support their futures. As an absolute bunch of heroes pressing forward to help those around them and really make a change we salute them and very much look forward to working together in the future. For now, that’s it and that’s all, have a look into the two of them as they are both great examples of how snow sports can not only be enjoyable but also be used for the power of good.

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