Thou shall have a fishy...

Fish night tonight and we have something super exciting to share. In true Snomads fashion we have just returned from our weekly journey up into the Rila mountains where a local hero farms organic trout using water that runs straight off the mountain. Tucked away in a small village this is one of our favourite places in the country. Run by Bulgaira’s man of the year and ex mayor of the village this beautiful small holding always gives us more than just the opportunity to buy fish. This time round we were greeted by possibly the most adorable puppies in the world and all its entirety. It’s safe to say that fully grown Bulgarian sheep dogs aren’t a force to be reckoned with but these little bundles of fluff definitely made us all a little weak at the knees. A minute later we see one of the little beasts with its face deep in a bowl of fresh trout guts and the initial beauty of the situation is dampened slightly and we turn our attention back to purchasing some fish for the evening meal. The journey back brings up the usual question of how the handsome looking fish should be cooked and whether it should be served in its entirety or without its well earned head. Certainly not the biggest question any of us will face over the season but undoubtedly an important one when dealing with such a well reared ingredient. After a couple of glasses of Rakia a decision is made and Frank (the fish) is slowly roasted in the oven on a bed of Rosemary and served with seasonal veg cous cous. ​ For us using locally sourced produce doesn’t just give us the opportunity to serve the freshest meals but presents us with an opportunity to give back into a community that provides us with so much. Among other things this access we have to these fresh ingredients and local people bring us back season after season and have become part of what we’re all about. Sitting down around a table full of people enjoying Frank and all his siblings makes us happy and even if you’re not the biggest fish lover there’s plenty of local goodies for you to get tucked into.

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