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We Jammin'

If you haven't already realised, food plays a huge roll in what we do and is something we think everyone should look forward to when booking a chalet holiday. From locally sourced meats to hand picked mountain flowers (for chai tea) we love it all.

This week however, we're excited about some of our home made jams. Lovingly made throughout the summer they all have their own story and taste to go with it.

First up, a mix of early harvested blackberries (brought on by a very warm start to the summer) along with a fair few kilos of hand picked plumbs that were acquired from various gardens. Definitely a labour of love but well worth the effort.

Secondly we have one of our favourites, the strawberry jam. These we went and picked from an organic farm before simply simmering down with sugar and lemon juice. Super simple but super tasty.

The list goes on with white currents and quince making a strong appearance this year, all waiting for you to come and spread on a variety of our home made breads. If you'd like to learn more about our jam making please get in contact or simply check out some of these delicious recipes.

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